New Schinnerer YouTube Channel Launched

In 1998, Schinnerer first published its comprehensive Voluntary Education Program for Design Professionals (VEP). This practice assistance program for design firms helps firms understand and manage their professional liability exposure and lower their professional liability insurance costs. Over the years, this educational program has been expanded to address advanced issues of practice and to respond with guidance on new challenges in providing professional services related to design and construction. Extensive information—including slide programs and commentary—is available to policyholders through our AEriskmanagement website.

Now, we have distilled some of the VEP information to make it available to policyholders and other design firms through a new Schinnerer YouTube channel. We’ve taken our previously recorded VEP webinars and created excerpts focusing on one particular issue. There are 14 VEP webinars (7 from level 1 and 7 from level 2) so we have 14 excerpts for streaming on our YouTube channel. These excerpts can be shared with staff as quick hits of valuable information, or can be the starting point for a discussion on critical risk management issues.

Go to our YouTube channel today.

Screenshot of the Schinnerer YouTube channel. Visitors can stream any of our VEP webinar excerpts.

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