Liability for the Actions of Others

Sometimes clients ask design professionals to engage another entity, often to facilitate the client’s procurement process so that the client does not have to set up a new contract with a new vendor. The risk for the design professional is that they have vicarious liability for the conduct of the subconsultant, which is, in this... Continue Reading →

Resource Review: Podcasts

In an effort to familiarize you with some of the risk management resources that Schinnerer has to offer, we’ll be highlighting specific publications and resources from time to time. This installment focuses on our podcasts. So far, we’ve recorded six podcasts. Ranging in length from five to seven minutes, they focus on one particular practice... Continue Reading →

Writing the Scope of Services

In the risk management department we come across a lot of professional service agreements. And we review the standard terms and conditions to help insureds identify problematic clauses that could present problems with the coverage provided by their professional liability policy. However, legal professionals and insurance advisers often do not provide a detailed review of... Continue Reading →

If You Have a Claim…

For professional firms, the goal is always to avoid having a claim, and many firms are fortunate and are able to provide professional services for years without a claim. But there is risk in everything we do, and for businesses the possibility of facing a claim at some point is a reality. If you should... Continue Reading →

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