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In an effort to familiarize you with some of the risk management resources that Schinnerer has to offer, we’ll be highlighting specific publications and resources from time to time. This installment focuses on our podcasts.

So far, we’ve recorded six podcasts. Ranging in length from five to seven minutes, they focus on one particular practice management question. Our first podcasts were recorded by our staff and feature the following topics:

  • Can a design professional be in absolute compliance with the law?
  • Who owns the instruments of service?
  • What is negligence, and how does it relate to the standard of care?
  • Why are express warranties excluded from coverage?

Each question is examined from a practice management perspective and how it could apply to a firm’s internal processes. Each of these topics can pose serious contractual and professional liability risks and should be carefully addressed.

Our other two podcasts were recorded in conjunction with webinars we hosted in 2013. These webinars featured subject matter experts that not only recorded the original webinars (available here), they also took the time to record a podcast on a particular question or issue from their presentation. Those topics are:

  • Business models in a recovering economy: maintaining management flexibility
  • Employment liability issues in a recovering economy: background checks

Both of these are important topics for firms to consider. Maintaining management flexibility is a must in a changing economy, as is completing due diligence in hiring employees as firms look to replace or increase staff.

As with most of our risk management resources, they are password-protected for current insureds and brokers.

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    1. Our podcast on negligence is what we call a “quick hit” on the subject. It talks about the concept in general, but it’s no less informative because of it. We have more in-depth articles on our site in our Management Advisory library.

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