EJCDC Issues New Standard Contract

EJCDC-owner-engineer-contract_Page_1The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) has republished its standard E-500 form contract (Agreement Between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services). It is the comprehensive standard contract for engineering design services and related construction-phase engineering and administrative services. The terms and content of the 2014 edition are coordinated with the recently published 2013 edition of EJCDC’s construction (C-series) documents, including C-700, the Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract.

The 2014 version of E-500 is only slightly modified, but the changes are significant in their tracking of the legal and practice issues changing in the infrastructure design and construction industry. More information on the changes and its potential impact on risk can be found in a recent issue of our Guidelines for Improving Practice newsletter. Also, a management advisory going into more detail about the E-500 can be found on our website (access limited to brokers and policyholders).

The new version of E-500 can be purchased from the coalition sponsors (the National Society of Professional Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, or the American Council of Engineering Companies), or EJCDC.

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