“Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred…”

20140428_085008As risk managers working with policyholders, we try to stay current on developments affecting the A/E community to get a better understanding of the current business environment and the challenges firms face to run successful consulting practices. We often visit with firms to discuss the risk management resources that are available, and during such discussions we learn a lot about the market that firms operate in and some of the more onerous client demands. It is these discussions that help us understand our policyholder needs in a way that cannot be done by reading trade magazines and tracking legal developments.

Nowadays, design professionals have the ability to develop sophisticated models using powerful software. These tools have helped design professionals develop better models for the expected built condition. Seasoned design professionals tell us that new graduates are increasingly separated from the realities of construction methods, and with expertise in powerful modeling tools are under the illusion that if it is modeled correctly, it can be constructed. The ability to provide workable, practical solutions so that the owner’s constructor can construct the project is basic risk management. Firms should therefore take the necessary time to be familiar with practical construction methods so that they can provide better solutions to their clients. It is important to get out of the office, away from your kindred, and learn how those constructors turn your plans into a built environment.

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