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Why being asked to sign a “subcontract” should raise a red flag

While there is nothing inherently wrong with a design professional being referred to as a “contractor” or “subcontractor,” the use of these terms may be an indication that the contract being offered is one that is more appropriate for hiring someone to build the project, rather than retaining a design professional or surveyor. Contractors have … Continue reading

Signing and sealing documents prepared by another design professional

I was recently asked by a design professional what risk he may face if he signs and seals documents that were created by someone else. It’s essential to ensure that state registration law requirements are met. In most states, the signing and sealing of documents provides evidence that a properly licensed and authorized individual has … Continue reading

Dubai’s plans for a climate-controlled city

As Dubai continues seeking to become a major tourist and economic hub, a new project has been announced: the world’s largest indoor “city.” Dubai has become known for housing some of the most ambitious projects in the world, and this one might top them all. Time reports that Dubai’s ruler has divulged plans for a … Continue reading

Design-build continues to grow in US

The Design-Build Institute of America’s (DBIA) ongoing mission is to educate and promote best practices in design-build project delivery. As reported by the Building Design + Construction blog, the institute recently published results of a study showing that more than half of all new projects above $10 million in costs were built using the design-build … Continue reading

Dealing with mistakes

Doctors bury their mistakes, architects cover them with ivy, and engineers write long reports which never see the light of day.     – Unknown Mistakes happen. And when they happen, they can rarely be swept under the rug. If you discover that a mistake has been made and it is necessary to make corrections, it is … Continue reading