Dealing with mistakes

oopsDoctors bury their mistakes, architects cover them with ivy, and engineers write long reports which never see the light of day.     – Unknown

Mistakes happen. And when they happen, they can rarely be swept under the rug. If you discover that a mistake has been made and it is necessary to make corrections, it is important that you do so clearly and address the situation quickly. If the mistake is technical in nature and it is still early in the design process, then you may be able to resolve it internally without involving the client. If you are further along the process and others are involved then remedying the situation requires more coordination and communication. As you attempt to correct the mistake, it is important that you establish appropriate client expectations and document the steps taken systematically. If it is a major mistake likely to lead to allegations of negligence in the performance of your services, seek help immediately. Consult with your broker and file the matter as a pre-claim to get the assistance of a CNA claims consultant to resolve the matter. (Our publication Understanding the Claims Process has a section on the pre-claim assistance process.)

Successful risk management means that you assess the root cause of the mistake and take the necessary steps to minimize the likelihood of making the same mistake again.

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