Design-build continues to grow in US

dv1961011The Design-Build Institute of America’s (DBIA) ongoing mission is to educate and promote best practices in design-build project delivery. As reported by the Building Design + Construction blog, the institute recently published results of a study showing that more than half of all new projects above $10 million in costs were built using the design-build project delivery method.

The study proves that design-build has been steadily growing in usage over the last 5-6 years. Oregon and the U.S. military lead the way with total dollars spent on new construction via design-build. RSMeans (one of North America’s largest information providers to the design and construction industry) analyzed data on nearly one million construction projects across all states and found that use of design-build is most common on the West Coast. Oregon (70%), California (59%), and Washington (56%) are the three highest ranking states in terms of total construction dollars being spent on design-build projects. As noted by Building Design + Construction, “RSMeans’ proprietary database of historical and planning construction projects data served as the basis for the study in addition to the incorporation of other publicly and privately available data sources.”

The full study is available for download through the DBIA website.

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  1. The design-build delivery methods seem promising. It’s more systematic and organized than the traditional project delivery method. The US military is even investing a lot for design-build. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

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