Dubai’s plans for a climate-controlled city

As Dubai continues seeking to become a major tourist and economic hub, a new project has been announced: the world’s largest indoor “city.” Dubai has become known for housing some of the most ambitious projects in the world, and this one might top them all. Time reports that Dubai’s ruler has divulged plans for a project called Mall of the World, which will be a 4.5 million square miles climate-controlled “city.” The attraction, which will be styled after Broadway in New York and Oxford Street in London, is expected to lure 180 million visitors per year. Included in this project will be the world’s largest indoor shopping mall, the world’s largest indoor amusement park, 100 hotels and apartment complexes, and a huge “wellness district.” The project is also expected to use technologies that reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint of the project while ensuring sustainability and efficiency. The project’s timeline has not yet been revealed.

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