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The National Performance Based Design Guide for Buildings

An article in this month’s Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences (on page 36) discusses its National Performance Based Design Guide for Buildings (NPBDG). The NPBDG was created to help owners make choices to achieve better-performing buildings and aid them in communicating their goals to the designers and builders of the projects. Traditionally, … Continue reading

New bridges around the world showcase creative structural engineering

The structural engineering that goes into bridge design is becoming quite creative. There are a number of different ways to design a structurally sound bridge. An interesting article on Gizmodo highlights five new bridges with interesting designs: The Second Penang Bridge in China utilizes piles that had to be bored over 90 meters into the … Continue reading

Short deadlines

“We’ll ask for time estimates, then treat them as deadlines.” – Evil Client When providing services as a design professional, there are typically trade-offs required between your compensation, the amount of time allocated to you, and the level of detail that will be reflected in your instruments of service. Clients often want some indication about … Continue reading

AGC continues push for increased highway funding

TRIP, a national transportation research group that functions as a think tank and is funded by road designers and constructors, equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, and others, recently published a report detailing the state of America’s rural roads. According to the report’s executive summary: The economy of rural America, which supports the quality of life for … Continue reading