What’s my role regarding job-site safety?

Design firms are sometimes unclear as to their role regarding safety at a job site. Certainly design firms have responsibility for the safety of their employees, but what about the safety of contractors? In determining a design professional’s responsibility for a worker’s injury, the courts will consider the obligations established by contract and the ability... Continue Reading →

What’s your policy on Google Glass?

Confidentiality concerns constitute one of the biggest risks to a professional services firm. While often a business exposure or contractual obligation, the need to keep client information confidential also can transform into a professional liability claim depending on the circumstance. And now early-adopters in design firms could be coming to work with Google Glass wearable... Continue Reading →

Sign up for Schinnerer’s fall webinars

It's not too late to sign up for one of our fall webinars. We have spaces available for both webinars listed below. Invitation is limited to current insureds and brokers. Firms and brokers can register online using the registration codes below. Fiduciary Obligation: What Does it Mean and How Is it Created? Date: September 10,... Continue Reading →

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