What’s your policy on Google Glass?

423989-google-glassConfidentiality concerns constitute one of the biggest risks to a professional services firm. While often a business exposure or contractual obligation, the need to keep client information confidential also can transform into a professional liability claim depending on the circumstance. And now early-adopters in design firms could be coming to work with Google Glass wearable technology. The legal risks related to employee privacy, corporate data security, and client confidentiality could be significant.

A Google Glass wearer can take photographs or video by activating a camera with the wink of an eye. Although the device illuminates the display when recording, there is no simple red light or other indication to let others know that they, their work product, or company information is being recorded. While recording a conversation without permission can violate federal and state laws, the law is unclear about images. So to prevent confidential information of clients or the personal images of employees from being recorded and distributed, firms need to address the use of Google Glass and other recording devices.

On October 8, Schinnerer will be conducting a webinar titled “Managing Your Staff: How Do Firms Deal With the Intricacies of Employment Liability?” Jennifer S. Jackman, a partner in the Washington, DC office of the firm law firm Whiteford Taylor Preston, will discuss the challenges confronted by firms in the normal course of business operations, including new technological challenges.

Policyholders can go to www.Schinnerer.com/risk-mgmt/Pages/Webinars.aspx to register for the webinar.

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