Instilling confidence in your client about your services

ClientConfidenceWhen managing a project, it is important that you demonstrate to the client that you are knowledgeable and in control of the services that you are providing. The modern workplace, however, is increasingly filled with constant interruptions, rapid fire communications, and an uninterrupted flow of information that may or may not relate to your various projects. And if the client is juggling multiple ongoing projects, they themselves may not have a good handle on the latest project information.

You have presumably taken into account the scope, dependencies, resources, assumptions, and timelines when you wrote the scope of services. You have built a project plan. The key from a risk management perspective is to make sure that you have this information readily available. You should update the information with notes and summaries from meetings that document the change in plans, information, and the assumptions you have made in a dedicated project repository. If you can quickly respond to any client requests about the status of the project with accurate information, demonstrating to the client that you are knowledgeable and in command of the project, it instills confidence in your client. When a client has confidence in your capabilities, they are more likely to be satisfied with your project updates even if there is unfavorable news.

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