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Handle your data with care

We live in an age where project information flows digitally between clients, other consultants and constructors. We also live in an age where our business records detailing firm finances and staff information resides electronically in computers. The widely publicized breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer systems serves as a wake up call to all of … Continue reading

Religious dress and grooming practices are protected by law

The Internal Revenue Service recently settled a five-year-old case where a former employee, a Sikh, was dismissed for carrying into the workplace a 3-inch ceremonial dagger. The blunt blade, known as a kirpan, is protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a symbol of faith indicating resistance to evil and defense of truth. Recently … Continue reading

Succession planning

One of our policyholders recently asked me what might happen to his current projects in the event of his death. It’s important to think about these issues, especially if you‘re a sole proprietor or a small firm. Large firms rarely face difficulty if an individual licensed design professional is physically unable to provide professional services, … Continue reading

EJCDC publishes public-private partnership template

Public-private partnerships, or P3 arrangements, are being used in place of direct public financing for the many infrastructure and other public improvement projects. Under a P3 agreement, a government entity grants a private organization a concession to implement a public project or service, such as developing or renovating public facilities, expanding infrastructure, or providing new … Continue reading

Do you want less risk? Become a physician.

The medical profession has always complained about being sued and paying for insurance. That complaint has fueled tort reform efforts and is often blamed for soaring health care costs. But compared to design professionals, medical doctors face less risk of negligence claims, and the risk they do face is more manageable. A recent study has … Continue reading

Will your policy respond to a claim on an international project?

As firms expand to practice internationally, they need to understand both the contractual and statutory demands related to insurance coverage for a specific project and consult with their legal counsel and insurance broker to determine if a U.S. practice policy will comply with the requirements. The greatest risk in providing services on an international project … Continue reading