U.S. Institute for Building Documentation releases new standards for as-built documentation

The U.S. Institute for Building Documentation has released new standards for specifying contracts for as-built building-measurement capture. The documents were developed to complement the already-existing standards specifying 3D building-information-modeling level of development. These new standards enable owners and clients to have assurance that constructors are building with some level of accuracy. A user guide is... Continue Reading →

Do you want to take responsibility for construction?

Design professionals and contractors have very different temperaments. Generally, the contractor is willing to take on more business risk; the uncertainties of the construction process foist more risk on the constructor. Constructors generally have higher profit margins. Design firms on the other hand are service providers; generally there is lower risk as a service provider... Continue Reading →

The planning fallacy

As risk managers we exhort design professionals to plan their projects properly, allocating enough time and resources to complete the project. If it were only that simple. Social scientists have shown that our capability to predict how much time it will take to complete a future task is often overly optimistic. It turns out that... Continue Reading →

Change requests

Your clients often want the certainty of a fixed price arrangement. Fixed price arrangements work well when there is little ambiguity in the scope of services and the functionality of the finished project. If the client team has clearly identified their needs and they are set in stone for the duration of the project then... Continue Reading →

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