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Autopsy of a claim

Autopsy Definition: a critical examination, evaluation, or assessment of someone or something past. When reviewing the details of a large claim, it is often difficult to pinpoint how things could have been done differently. But after the claim has been resolved, I think it is important for firm leaders to take a step back and … Continue reading

Schinnerer’s new policy facilitates practice expansion

In a February 11th webinar titled, “The New Professional Liability Policy: Changes to Help You Manage Your Professional Risk,” Kevin Collins described the new version of the CNA professional liability insurance policy for design professionals. The webinar can now be downloaded from risk management website. Two of the major enhancements to the policy mentioned by … Continue reading

Solar energy is now a viable alternative

A rooftop solar power system is turning out to be cheaper than the grid in 42 of the 50 biggest U.S. cities. A new study from the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center claims that money spent on a residential solar system earns a better return than investing in Standard and Poor’s 500 index fund. … Continue reading

Managing the risks of residential projects

My previous blog post warned that residential projects (houses/townhouses, condominiums, and apartments) have resulted in the greatest number of claims against design professionals in the Schinnerer professional liability program. Here are some suggestions for ways to manage the risks of these projects: Select clients based upon their experience, financial strength, ties to the community, and … Continue reading

White House releases a new flood risk management standard

On January 30, President Obama signed an executive order requiring that all federally funded construction projects take into account the flood risks linked to global warming. The standard is intended to affect new and rebuilt federally funded structures in and around floodplains and should create more opportunities for engineering firms. The goal of the new … Continue reading