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Insurance coverage for drone use is coming

Although only one Schinnerer policyholder has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to use unmanned aircraft as part of the firm’s provision of professional services, the insurance industry is moving forward on preparing coverage for drone use. The issue is not one of professional liability insurance coverage; the Schinnerer program covers the professional liability … Continue reading

Be wary of assignments and third-party beneficiaries

You sign a contract after you’ve negotiated an agreement that determines the rights and obligations of both parties. You think you know your client. But are you and your client the only two who can determine how that relationship is going to work? In recent years, there has been an increase in “other parties” having … Continue reading

Cyber security threats: Where to begin?

Hardly a day goes by without news of hackers breaching a computer network and gaining access to sensitive, proprietary information. We have clients demanding more information about the computer systems of their business partners and the tools that they have to prevent unauthorized access to their information. It is essential that firm principals have a clear … Continue reading

Providing services in emergency situations

During emergencies, design professionals are often willing to volunteer their services to assist in protecting public health and safety. Prudent design professionals realize that these efforts, whether volunteer or paid, create potential liability. While some states have volunteer protection acts that afford the immunity of the state to licensed designed professionals providing services during emergency … Continue reading

Construction revival supported by reauthorization of TRIA

One of the first actions of the new Congress was to reauthorize the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA). The legislation had passed the House in December after extensive delays, but became snagged in the Senate in the final days of Congress. Reviving the government’s terrorism risk insurance program, which provides a backstop in which the … Continue reading

Roof collapses caused by excessive snow loads

As you are no doubt aware, severe winter storms across much of this country  have led to numerous roof collapses due to the unusual amount of snow and ice buildup. In Massachusetts alone, during one 36-hour period, there were over 70 reports of roof collapses or buildings with potential structural damage from the weight of … Continue reading