Cyber security threats: Where to begin?

Cyber securityHardly a day goes by without news of hackers breaching a computer network and gaining access to sensitive, proprietary information. We have clients demanding more information about the computer systems of their business partners and the tools that they have to prevent unauthorized access to their information. It is essential that firm principals have a clear idea of how their computer networks work and who has access to sensitive information. Firms should update their computer operating systems so that their systems have the latest safeguards in place.

President Obama issued an executive order on February 12 that specifically encourages private companies in the same industries to form organizations that allow them to share information about online security. Often, smaller firms are not quite sure how to design and implement a system that prevents a determined hacker from gaining access to their network. Design firms should consider coming together, perhaps using their existing professional societies as facilitators, to share information on how to limit or mitigate the risks of security breaches.

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