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Does “betterment” only refer to gold-plated doors?

I recently read an email exchange between a design professional and his client in which the design professional advised the client that betterment is not covered by professional liability insurance. While that is true, the example he used to explain betterment to his client was not. The architect stated: “For example, if I leave a … Continue reading

New policy enhances tools to reduce claims

The new professional liability insurance policy provided by Schinnerer to architects, engineers, construction managers, environmental professionals, landscape architects, surveyors, and other professional service firms is being introduced as the various state insurance regulatory offices approve it. While policyholders won’t be insured through the new policy until their first renewal after the state’s authorization date, coverage … Continue reading

Prepare to manage the exposure of kidnap, ransom, and extortion

One of the insurance policies that most professional service firms operating internationally need—and often do not have—is a kidnap and ransom policy. This policy provides coverage to firms should in the event of the kidnapping and ransom of an employee or the extortion of funds from the firm. The situations that lead to such exposures … Continue reading

Solar power storage system

One of the challenges of solar energy is the availability of the energy that is generated during the day at times when the sun is not shining. Tesla Motors, the company that until now was known best for the all-electric car, recently introduced the Tesla Powerall, a wall mounted, lithium-ion electric battery for homes and … Continue reading

Are you “observing,” “inspecting,” or “supervising” the work of the contractor?

During a recent contract review, I came across a worrisome provision in the contract. A school district revised a standard AIA B101-2007 document so that the architect would be required to “carefully inspect the Work of the Contractor whenever and wherever appropriate to determine the quality, quantity, and progress of the Work…to protect the Owner … Continue reading