DBIA promotes advantages of design-build through new publication

Choosing a Project Delivery Method: A Design-Build Done Right Primer
DBIA’s new design-build primer

The Design-Build Institute of America has released a new brochure, “Choosing a Project Delivery Method,” which provides a concise overview of design-build versus other common delivery methods. Although the free booklet discusses the pluses and minuses of choosing any of various project delivery methods, it, of course, promotes design-build.

Subtitled “A Design-Build Done Right Primer,” the 8-page publication provides owners with factors to consider when choosing the method that tracks with their needs and preferences. The document defines and describes the most commonly used project delivery methods and details key considerations owners must make when choosing between each one. Those owner considerations fall into five categories: owner control, owner relationships, project budget, project schedule, and owner risk.

Still labeled as an “alternative project delivery system,” the design-build process continually increases in dollar volume and percentage of project delivery. While this is

reflective of the overall growing construction market, the use of design-build is increasingly attractive to owners who value a pre-determined cost and fixed schedule above other factors. As legislative barriers are falling and public agencies are becoming more familiar with the process, the use of design-build is expanding into markets that previously have relied on design-bid-build because of statutory requirements or procedural preferences.


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