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Copyright infringement

I recently read about a lawsuit involving two architects who were competing for the same condominium project. The plaintiff architect (the one who lost out on the project) sued the defendant architect (the one who won the project), claiming that the defendant architect’s design was so substantially similar to a condo project in another state … Continue reading

Defamation claims

A recent case in Massachusetts illustrates the importance of stating professional opinions as opinions and not facts. In this case, a homeowner hired a firm to investigate the cause of a leaky roof. The investigator stated that the roof had been installed over a fiberboard roof insulation that was soaking wet. The homeowner sued the … Continue reading

Year-end economic indicators were cautiously optimistic

The Architecture Billings Index (ABI) is an indicator of construction activity that is based on a survey of firms of members of The American Institute of Architects (AIA). It reflects the approximate 9-12 month lag between architecture billings and construction spending. A score of 50 or more indicates growth and a score below 50 indicates … Continue reading