Papers available from Invited Attorneys meeting

Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting of Invited Attorneys
For 55 years, the Invited Attorneys meeting has provided in-depth analysis of critical topics affecting the design and construction industry.

For 55 years, Schinnerer has provided defense attorneys and in-house counsels and risk managers with an annual conference to discuss both legal and professional practice developments. In 2016, this two-day continuing education program was held from May 26-27 in Coral Gables, Florida. Participation in this conference is by invitation only, but the end-result of this meeting is valuable to all members of the design and construction industry.

That end-result is the papers and presentations from this year’s group of speakers. Feedback from speakers and attendees at this year’s meeting was resoundingly positive, and all mentioned the value of the papers and presentations and the legal analysis contained within. We encourage all of our policyholders and brokers to download those topics most prevalent to their practices.

This year’s topics included:

  • Annual Review of Significant Cases Affecting Design Professionals—a summary of important legal cases that may shape practice for design professionals
  • Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance for the Design and Construction Industry—an in-depth look at the cyber security risks faced by firms and how they can safeguard their systems through technology, internal processes, and insurance
  • Red Light/Green Light: Timing Matters at the Intersection of Excess Exposure, Bad Faith, and the Rules of Professional Conduct—discussion of issues that arise for the insurer, insured, and defense counsel in the event of excess exposure claims and ethical pitfalls for defense counsel when presented with conflicts of interest
  • Case Study: Miami Dade College Parking Garage Collapse—a case study of what caused the parking garage to collapse while still under construction at Miami Dade College and how the design team minimized their liability
  • The Ugly American: How Cultural Bias Impacts U.S. Businesses When Negotiating Abroad—this paper sets some baseline information for negotiation biases as well as some jurisdiction-specific background information on the unique challenges to architecture and engineering firms doing business and negotiating abroad
  • Rise of the Drones—The Integration of Unmanned Aircraft into the National Airspace System—legal considerations related to drone usage within a design professional’s work product and services, along with liability insurance concerns and considerations
  • The Effective Resolution of Construction Disputes: If Justice is Blind, Then Mediations Should be Double Blind—arguments for why the double blind mediation method should be used over the traditional mediation method and how it can improve construction dispute negotiations
  • The Due Process of Collapse Investigations—A Case Study of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Canopy Walkway—a lawyer’s perspective that hired an engineering firm to perform an investigation of the canopy walkway collapse at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
  • An Engineer’s Perspective on the Due Process of Collapse Investigations—A Case Study of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Canopy Walkway—the investigating engineer’s perspective on what caused the walkway collapse

Each topic features a paper written by the speaker and the PowerPoint presentation they gave on the topic at the meeting. All are available at the 55th Invited Attorneys page. Select papers from previous meetings are available on our Invited Attorneys archive page.

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