Severe floods occurring more frequently

The scale of the recent Louisiana floods have shown that one of the effects of global climate change is increased rain storms that lead to flooding. Experts say that recent floods in multiple states (from Maryland to South Carolina to Louisiana to Texas) that were identified in the media as a once-in-every 500 or 1,000-year... Continue Reading →

Can technology cause tunnel vision?

Heads up. The economic transformation away from fossil fuels to renewables is happening, and at a pace much quicker than you might think. That’s because the movement and the evolving markets are making the technologies more affordable, and at a phenomenal speed (see International Renewable Energy statistics and ITC extension ) which is also making... Continue Reading →

Brexit vote and impact on US design firms

With the British vote to end the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union, there are many scenarios about how the US will be affected. One concern is whether US design firms will see opportunities for expansion or suffer because of the uncertainty that has accompanied the vote. If Britain falls into recession, public finances... Continue Reading →

FAA releases new drone rules

Back in June, new rules covering a broad spectrum of commercial uses for drones weighing less than 55 pounds were put in place. The Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or UAS requirements, are contained in Part 107 of the FAA rules. The rules take effect August 29, 2016, with a fact sheet... Continue Reading →

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