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Rules relaxed for some Cuban infrastructure projects

Despite warming relations between the United States and Cuba, Congress has yet to change the embargo on most forms of trade (although restrictions on Cuban cigar and rum imports was recently eased, among some other changes). As a result, so many design projects related to tourist facilities, buildings, ports, and other infrastructure improvements have gone … Continue reading

FEMA proposing new rules on building in floodplains

In January of 2015, the Obama Administration issued Executive Order 13690. The order was aimed at improving resilience to current and future flood risks and modified the 1977 Executive order 119888, which addressed flood plain development. Among other actions, the new order directed FEMA to develop a proposed amendment to 44 CFR part 9, ‚ÄúFloodplain … Continue reading

Protect employees from Zika exposure

Now that the first cases of locally transmitted Zika virus have hit the continental United States, it is time for employers to become aware of the threat. There is good reason for this concern. While Zika generally exhibits only mild symptoms in healthy adults, it can have devastating consequences if contracted by an employee just … Continue reading