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Judge halts application of federal rule that would have expanded overtime pay

A federal judge in Texas has issued a preliminary injunction halting the application of a federal rule that would have made overtime pay available to full-time salaried employees earning up to $47,476 a year. As we noted in our blog post earlier this year, “New overtime rules will affect all employers,” the rule was expected … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of the risk management team and all of Schinnerer, we just wanted to wish all of our blog followers, policyholders, brokers, and other industry colleagues a happy and safe Thanksgiving with friends and family. We’ll be back to our regular posting next week.

From politics to policy: the presidential transition

A week ago, the United States of America elected a new president. Now, President-Elect Trump’s team must begin the process of setting-up a governance structure that will involve staffing the White House and the Executive Office, making more than 4,000 appointments, getting up-to-speed on the more than 100 federal agencies, building a policy platform consistent … Continue reading

Claims corner: what causes claims against land surveyors?

In Schinnerer’s land surveyors program, houses and townhouses are the project type with the most claims in terms of frequency (35.8%) and severity (33.3%), followed closely by land and site development (30.6% frequency / 26.9% severity). The problem areas (those areas that cause claims during the course of the surveyor providing professional services) that create … Continue reading