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Finding balance: new governance structure in America

The pendulum of public policy in the US has swung, and, to many, it has swung in a way that is unsettling different, and confusing. Historically, we could imagine with some reasonableness what a new Administration would yield for the American people. But the 2016 political process has propelled us toward a future that’s extremely … Continue reading

Be careful with seasonal gifts to public employees

It’s that time of year when gifts among friends are common. If those friends are in private firms or public agencies, however, those gifts can cost both parties their careers. Even the appearance of impropriety can create a public relations nightmare. Firms must act in compliance with applicable gift-giving laws, which vary depending on the … Continue reading

Definition of “success” is relative for condo claims

Condominium work is coming back strong after being scarce for several years. Many millennials and other first time buyers can and want to invest in condo units in urban areas. And renting is less attractive to a maturing class of residential owners as they downsize from single-family homes. Condo projects can be tempting work for … Continue reading