Expected growth of autonomous electric vehicles

Rechargeable car illustration with green recycled energyVictor O. Schinnerer successfully completed our First Annual Large Firm Conference last week (May 24). Josh Goldman, Senior Analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists, gave a talk about the market growth expectations for Autonomous Electric Vehicles.

Josh highlighted that renewable sources of energy (especially wind and solar) are capturing a growing share of the energy market and that they will be cheaper than traditional hydro carbon sources of fuel. He highlighted that electric vehicles are cheaper to own, less polluting, and, at least currently, have supportive policy initiatives at the federal level and in some states. Josh also gave a brief survey of the current state of  autonomous vehicle technology and the impact that technology would have on safety and transportation costs. Finally, Josh gave a summary on shared vehicle systems, such as Car2Go, Zipcar, Uber, and Lyft, and how, when combined with autonomous electric vehicles, these systems could have a profound impact on congestion, physical infrastructure, and the overall economy.

Design professionals who are interested in following these issues can follow Josh Goldman on his blog.

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