Adapting to the new “normal:” 5 resources for design firms

Working from home (if you’re able) and staying on top of the hour-by-hour updates on pandemic issues exhausts time and resources and sometimes feels overwhelming. By prioritizing your information sources and bookmarking certain websites, you can be “in the know” with more efficiency and less anxiety. Of course, you will want to add local sources to your bookmarks, such as, which recently published a valuable Best Practices Guide that all design firms should review regardless of their geographic location because it covers several important areas of concern, including:

  • guidance for managing work-from-home communication and technology protocols;
  • out-of-the-box thinking for firms interested in new “work share” models;
  • tips for managing through construction administration risk management exposures; and
  • summaries of new federal provisions in the recently signed law, Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, aka “CARES” Act.

The five valuable resource websites on COVID-19 for design and construction firms that you should bookmark are as follows:

  1. Construction Dive blog, for construction and building industry updates
  2. GovTracks blog, for federal enactments (new laws)
  3. ConstructConnect, for a national interactive map on “essential” construction declarations
  4. American Institute of Architects (AIA), for architect resources
  5. American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), for engineer resources

We also recommend that you follow the Victor Risk Management Blog for the latest posts on relevant COVID-19 changes in the regulatory and industry landscape.

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