Covid-19 creates shortage of bikes

black bicycle driven by a woman wearing brown coat
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Retail groups are reporting a spike in bike sales over the last two months as city dwellers have purchased bikes in unprecedented numbers (Editor’s note: a simple account will need to be created to access the full article). With shelter-in-place orders and the use of public transportation limited due to fears of coronavirus, Americans flocked to stores and purchased bikes, creating a shortage.

Commuters are likely to continue using bikes for their daily trips since bike commuting is likely a safer option than public transit as shelter-in-place orders are lifted. Cities like New York and Oakland have temporarily closed major roadways to car traffic. It is quite possible that if commuter habits change, American cities may be transformed with a greater number of city streets closed to car traffic. This can potentially impact infrastructure planning and significantly improve air quality in our major cities.

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