AIA publishes sustainable projects documents

Solar Power Plant in modern city,Sustainable Renewable EnergyThe American Institute of Architects (AIA) added to its current sustainable project exhibits by releasing its newest document, C204-2020, Sustainability Consultant Scope of Services. In addition, the AIA published an updated version of D503-2020, Guide for Sustainable Projects, which is available as a free download.

The new C204 is for use by a sustainability consultant (architect or non-architect) who is hired to streamline the process of identifying, developing, and assigning responsibility for a project’s sustainable design and construction elements. The consultant’s role includes conducting the sustainability workshop, preparing the sustainability plan, gathering information and coordinating with parties, submitting materials to and obtaining approvals from the certifying authority, and handling fees.

The updated D503 provides additional guidance about the roles and responsibilities of project participants, materials transparency, certification types, common sustainability concerns, and energy initiatives. It explains the roles and responsibilities of the owner, architect, and contractor regarding sustainable design and construction projects. The document also addresses topics such as resilience, environmental product labels and certification systems, and jurisdictional requirements relevant to sustainable projects.

D503 also provides commentary on C401-2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant, and C402-2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant for Special Services. D503 includes samples of completed sustainability plans based on LEED®, WELL™, and IgCC certification systems that readers can use for assistance when preparing a “Sustainability Plan” unique to their project.

Other AIA documents related to the construction of sustainable projects include:

  • A141-2014, Exhibit C, Design-Build Sustainable Projects Exhibit
  • E204-2017, Sustainable Projects Exhibit
  • E234-2019, Sustainable Projects Exhibit, CMc Edition
  • E235-2019, Sustainable Projects Exhibit, CMa Edition

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