Readiness guide published to help firms reopen office space

Cushman & Wakefield is a global commercial real estate services firm. While headquartered in Chicago, the company operates from approximately 400 offices in 60 countries. Its 53,000 employees manage about 4.1 billion square feet of commercial space. As part of its services, the firm has published information to help offices adapt to the constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this month, the company updated its “Recovery Readiness Guide” by adding new information based on insights gained through its ongoing work with clients, through thousands of survey responses, and through the company’s experience with its own workforce and office spaces around the world.

Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace” (the guide is available after filling out a brief form) outlines some of the best thinking and practices compiled across the globe on what firms should be doing to return to office space. The Guide includes:

  • Examples of the strategies and actions that have been used in reopening offices;
  • Insights from the firm’s survey of more than 50,000 people worldwide; and
  • “What’s Next” section that includes Cushman & Wafefield’s thoughts on what it has titled, “The New Workplace Ecosystem.”

Cushman & Wakefield also provides a chart on its “Safe Six” topics to aid firms when reopening. The six topics are:

  • Prepare the building
  • Prepare the workforce
  • Control access
  • Create a social distancing plan
  • Reduce touch point and increase cleaning
  • Communicate for confidence

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