International Code Council forms new pandemic task force

The International Code Council (ICC) and the National Environmental Health Association have established a new task force on pandemics. The task force will analyze all aspects of the built environment to find solutions that reduce the risks posed by pandemics. The group will complete a comprehensive review of current code requirements, guides, and regulations related to design, preparedness, and health considerations for building construction and operations as they relate to pandemics. The group will then identify best practices and develop guides to address the design and layout of new and existing buildings. The task force will consist of a broad cross-section of building, code, design, insurance, plumbing, and public health environmental experts appointed by the ICC’s Board of Directors.

It is essential that design firms know about the latest guidance on designing safer facilities that take into account best practices to reduce viral transmission processes. Clients will expect their consultants to be up-to-date on the latest guidance as they start planning new or retrofitting facilities. Keeping track of the latest guidance is essential. Information on joining the list of interested parties for the task force for communications about meetings and other updates is available.

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