Firms can share COVID-19 tool with employees

It has been 26 months since we first blogged about the effect of COVID-19 on design firms. The dangers to employees, their families, and design firm productivity are still with us. So firms might want to use, or suggest to employees, the CDC Quarantine and Isolation Calculator. The calculator is geared toward the general public and not specifically for use by employers, but employers may consider adopting it for guidance with employee quarantine and isolation should they contract or come in close contact with someone that has COVID-19.

The calculator may help people with COVID-19 and their close contacts decide what precautions they should take to limit COVID-19 transmission in their communities, including whether to quarantine or isolate. As stated by the CDC, the calculator “takes the stress out of deciding when, and for how long, individuals with COVID-19 and close contacts need to stay home, get tested, and wear a well-fitting mask.”

Each person’s COVID-19 circumstances are unique, and this tool can provide information that is tailored to an individual’s particular needs, according to the CDC. One thing that has been constant during the last two years is that the COVID-19 risk profile is always evolving. The calculator can assist COVID-19 cases and close contacts to understand and follow current CDC guidance on isolating and quarantining, as well as to determine whether people should test for exposure or wear a mask to protect others.

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