EJCDC releases new series of documents

The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) has released the construction manager at risk document series, a completely new series for construction manager at risk project delivery method.

The new document series is intended to be a comprehensive solution for the construction manager at risk (CMAR) project delivery method, which evolved from traditional design-bid-build. CMAR involves the contractor early in the project, allowing the contractor (designated as the CMAR) to be more involved in the design phase of the project. With this project delivery, the client engages the contractor from the beginning of the design process so that the design team has better feedback about construction costs. The contractor’s early involvement also means that it has more time to understand the scope and details of the project.

One of the core documents in the series is CMAR 525, Agreement between Owner and Construction Manager at Risk, including Agreement Exhibit A–Scope of CMAR Services. This document addresses the CMAR’s compensation for providing services during the design phase as well as compensation for the construction itself based on cost-plus fee principles. The series also includes an owner-engineer agreement, Agreement between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services (When Owner Retains a Construction Manager at Risk) (CMAR-500), which is based on EJCDC E-500.

This new set of documents is available for those projects when it makes sense to engage the contractor early to incorporate the contractor’s construction expertise during the design phase and to allow for fast-tracking of work packages for early completion and cost-effective construction.

All EJCDC agreements are available for purchase online.

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