Papers available from Invited Attorneys meeting

For 54 years, Schinnerer has provided defense attorneys and in-house counsels and risk managers with an annual conference to discuss both legal and professional practice developments. In 2015, this two-day continuing education program was held from May 28-29 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Participation in this conference is by invitation only, but the end-result of this meeting... Continue Reading →

U.S. Institute for Building Documentation releases new standards for as-built documentation

The U.S. Institute for Building Documentation has released new standards for specifying contracts for as-built building-measurement capture. The documents were developed to complement the already-existing standards specifying 3D building-information-modeling level of development. These new standards enable owners and clients to have assurance that constructors are building with some level of accuracy. A user guide is... Continue Reading →

Resource Review: Benchmarking and Claims Studies

Being the oldest professional liability insurance program certainly has its advantages. One of those advantages is access to a database of more than 50 years worth of claims data. This allows our program to provide meaningful benchmarking and claims information to insureds and brokers to aid them in choosing appropriate levels of coverage and deductibles... Continue Reading →

Damages awarded in Chinese drywall suit

For those people whose homes and lives were affected by Hurricane Katrina, the toll was heavy. Unfortunately, some of those people were sideswiped again when faulty drywall manufactured in China was installed in rebuilt homes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Virginia, Alabama, and Texas. Chemicals in the drywall produced a strong odor in the homes and... Continue Reading →

Sign up for Schinnerer’s fall webinars

It's not too late to sign up for one of our fall webinars. We have spaces available for both webinars listed below. Invitation is limited to current insureds and brokers. Firms and brokers can register online using the registration codes below. Fiduciary Obligation: What Does it Mean and How Is it Created? Date: September 10,... Continue Reading →

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