Victor blog is moving!

After nearly a decade, the Victor Risk Advisory blog will transition to a new platform as we launch our new website in late July. Moving forward, all future blog posts will be integrated into the Victor website, and we will cease publishing on WordPress once the new site is live. Further instructions on accessing new... Continue Reading →

Permitting reform: A balancing act between progress and protection, and its impact on design professionals

When we think of the future, we often imagine a cleaner, more sustainable world powered by renewable energy. However, this dream remains elusive unless we address the bureaucratic hurdles that slow down our progress. Today, there is an ongoing debate on Capitol Hill surrounding permitting reform and there are implications for design professionals to consider.... Continue Reading →

Unpacking ESG: it’s about sustainable business models, not just environmental sustainability

Introduction As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts gain increasing traction, there is a common misconception that ESG in the design and construction industry is only about “sustainability” in terms of environmentally sustainable design services. However, ESG goes way beyond that—it is about sustainable business models. ESG performance, measured against internationally recognized ESG standards and... Continue Reading →

US climate law takes shape

As 2022 winds down and we look back, the biggest story (other than the war in Ukraine) was the passage of the most historic climate law in US history, the Inflation Reduction Act (Act). The new law aims to transform the US economy to align with the global urgency of taking action to mitigate the... Continue Reading →

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