Tougher building codes save money in the long run

A study by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shows that the adoption of modern building codes is averting over a billion dollars a year in structural damage in California and Florida alone. The preliminary findings of this first-of-its-kind study are expected to be formally released in August.The study calculates how much damage has been... Continue Reading →

Roof collapses caused by excessive snow loads

As you are no doubt aware, severe winter storms across much of this country  have led to numerous roof collapses due to the unusual amount of snow and ice buildup. In Massachusetts alone, during one 36-hour period, there were over 70 reports of roof collapses or buildings with potential structural damage from the weight of... Continue Reading →

Does a commitment to comply with building codes change the standard of care?

In most jurisdictions and with most contracts the common law professional standard of care is used to analyze the performance of services by design professionals even though those services are performed in a contractual contest. Most professional service agreements impose various duties and requirements on the professional. As long as express warranties, guarantees, or other... Continue Reading →

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