Construction Phase

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Case study: good news for architect defending public nuisance lawsuit

The following case study shows the importance of a well-drafted professional services agreement that clearly delineates a firm’s scope of services and explicitly places responsibility for site safety with the contractor. If the agreement provides for any construction phase services by the design professional, the agreement should include express language that the contractor is solely … Continue reading

Scaffolding collapse

Three employees of a contractor were injured when scaffolding failed under the weight of a concrete slab that was being poured. The injured workers, unable to sue the contractor because of workers’ compensation protections, filed suit against the owner, architect, and engineer. The suit against the owner was dismissed because the owner had surrendered the … Continue reading

Drone use can put firms at risk beyond their knowledge

The use of drones in the planning, design, and evaluation of the construction of a capital asset continues to evolve. Often, such usage is by inexperienced operators who lack both knowledge of and respect for the legal and practical aspects of drone use. There are many issues professional service firms need to confront if they … Continue reading