Coronavirus can put every firm at risk

While the coronavirus outbreak originated in China, it has the potential to become an international crisis. Design firms whose employees are in China, have traveled to China, or are in contact with anyone from an infected area need to take immediate precautions for employee safety. OSHA requires that employers maintain a safe workplace. Beyond the... Continue Reading →

What is a “safe harbor” and does it really protect you?

A “safe harbor” provision establishes a contingency percentage for change order costs during construction. If written properly, it can be an effective risk management tool. We recently reviewed a professional services agreement that included the following provision: “It is understood that the nature of the design process is such that plans, specifications and other documentation... Continue Reading →

Succession planning

One of our policyholders recently asked me what might happen to his current projects in the event of his death. It’s important to think about these issues, especially if you‘re a sole proprietor or a small firm. Large firms rarely face difficulty if an individual licensed design professional is physically unable to provide professional services,... Continue Reading →

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