Game changing energy storage technologies

Introduced recently in the U.S. Senate was a bipartisan bill: the Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act of 2017. What this legislation would do is expand the definition of “energy property” in the tax code to include “equipment which receives, stores, and delivers energy using batteries, compressed air, pumped hydropower, hydrogen storage (including hydrolysis),... Continue Reading →

Expected growth of autonomous electric vehicles

Victor O. Schinnerer successfully completed our First Annual Large Firm Conference last week (May 24). Josh Goldman, Senior Analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists, gave a talk about the market growth expectations for Autonomous Electric Vehicles. Josh highlighted that renewable sources of energy (especially wind and solar) are capturing a growing share of the... Continue Reading →

Solar power storage system

One of the challenges of solar energy is the availability of the energy that is generated during the day at times when the sun is not shining. Tesla Motors, the company that until now was known best for the all-electric car, recently introduced the Tesla Powerall, a wall mounted, lithium-ion electric battery for homes and... Continue Reading →

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